What do you have in your hand?

As I get closer to becoming a parent (68-ish days – whaaat?), I’m realizing there are a lot of things I’ve never REALLY thought about before…..

-Diapers (70 different kinds), bottles (70 different kinds), breast pumps (I still feel awkward saying that), feeding schedules, baby shampoos (also 70 different kinds)…..my brain is exploding.

However, this flood of foreign information has also helped me realize there are other things I don’t pay attention to as well….like living in the moment instead of planning 5 steps ahead in my mind every day.  This is a great way to miss out on your life and feel discontent.

Several months ago, Craig and I watched a sermon on tv by Pastor Brian Houston at Hillsong where he talked about being faithful with what God has already put in your hand – instead of always looking toward the next thing and the next thing and what else might come.  I had no idea how much this idea would continue to impact me months later.

Preparing to have a baby takes a lot of planning, and there’s nothing wrong with that (keeping Maddox alive is def a priority lol).  BUT that’s also not an excuse to neglect what God has already put in my hand in anticipation of what the future will bring.  Maddox is just an addition to what God has already given me and Craig.  So when I really took inventory of what I’m currently holding in my hand, this is what I came up with:

-My daily communication and relationship with my faithful God

-Craig (God’s greatest gift to me apart from salvation)

-Maddox (coming soon)

-My family

-Creekwood Church (seriously the most genuine group of ppl I have ever known as a church body)

-My amazing friends

-My gifts, talents, passions, callings, abilities, responsibilities and convictions (all gifts from God)

When I look at this list I feel pretty lame for not trusting God with today, or tomorrow, or whatever.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I have REAL concerns that def need solutions (jobs, insurance, not wanting to put Maddox in daycare, etc).  BUT he has already given me so much AND has always guided my steps so what is my problem?  As part of our life group study this semester we are doing the workbook study from Jennie Allen called CHASE.  One of the exercises in the study for this week asks you to write your own Psalm to God.  Normally, I would just keep my workbook answers to myself, but I feel like these words might help some others just as they helped me as I wrote them.  Let’s be faithful with what has already been given to us, instead of acting like we need more.

My God is faithful – through all my days.  Many times I have wandered, intentionally away, but He has always come for me – always wooed me back into His will, with no condemnation or reprimand.  Forgive my unbelief.I have seen his faithfulness clearly.  He has guided my path with compassion and spoken clearly to me.  Why do I still doubt when another mystery comes my way?Does his faithfulness to me really build no lasting confidence in his provision?  This is my sin.  I confess it openly now. Let the goodness of the Lord not pass from my memory, but let it be my anchor.  My belief.  My promised confidence. I choose to trust the Lord.

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  1. Danielle Clardy

     /  March 5, 2013

    Good stuff sweet friend! I needed to hear these today- tend to what God has put in your hand! We love you and Craig! And bebe.


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