The Duck Theory

ImageI work at Dallas Baptist University where we have a lot of trees, gazebos, and random ponds scattered across the campus.  It’s a beautiful place, but I rarely take in the beauty because I’m always rushing from one meeting to the next and complaining about how hot it is outside.

However, the other day, as I was passing the nearest pond, I noticed a small brown duck vigorously attacking one of the pond rocks for a mid-afternoon snack.  For some reason I stopped and stared at this little guy and for a brief moment, I wished I was him – floating in a lovely pool…eating.  This would be ideal. 

But then I had a realization – one I didn’t expect to have –  I WAS THE DUCK.  Let me explain….

That little duck was focused on that rock.  Like, he was determined to get that bug or whatever he was focused on.  You could tell he had his A-game on.  His whole world was that bug, on that rock, in that little pond.  Nothing else mattered.  I imaged myself going over to that little guy and trying to explain to him that the world was a lot bigger than he knew.  That DBU was really big actually, and beyond that a whole world of ponds and people and literature and complex math problems and movie trailers and deep relationships existed.  But there’s no way he could have comprehended all of that.  He doesn’t have the capacity.  He literally can’t wrap his mind around all of that. 

This is when I realized that in this story – I was the duck, and God was me. 

I am super focused on my world.  And I think I know all I need to know to live comfortably in my pool with my snacks.  But God has a lot more for me.  Things I can’t even begin to imagine.  Things I really can’t wrap my mind around on my own.  I don’t have the capacity.  God is too big and too immense for my human mind to ever even begin to comprehend. 

“What we see in the Father’s heart in the Bible is it’s immensity, its bottomless depths.  God’s heart is as complex and unfathomable as he is.” – Explicit Gospel

I don’t want to live under the rules of the Duck Theory.  I want to trust God for big Big BIG things in my life!

Although this duck analogy may seem juvenile or kiddy – it actually made a huge impact on me.  Perfect timing actually.  On Saturday I’m leaving to go to Israel for 12 days.  Jesus walked there.  He healed people there.  And he died and rose there. 

Pray for me as I encounter our big God in a new and fresh way.  Pray that he will unpack a tiny little piece of his majesty while I’m there.  And pray for the students that I will have with me – that they will realize how big and mysterious and amazing our God is.


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