The 3 Muskateers!

ImageImageToday is a special day.  Why?  Because I get to see one of the most awesome people in this world today….my sister Brooke! Well, technically she’s my cousin, but not really.  Meredith and I have always considered Brooke as a sister, and always will.  We are soul friends.

Sadly, Meredith can’t be with us today to hang out, which is somewhat devastating (I know I’m dramatic don’t judge me).  So in light of her absence, and in celebration of the hilarity that will ensue for the next 24 hours, these next few paragraphs are a tribute to some of my fondest memories thus far between the 3 of us.  So here we go…..

1.  That time Papa screamed at us for spraying the water hose in the tree and then freaked out b/c of your “lack of apparel” in the backyard as infants

2.  Mean Queen


4.  All 10 million video games on the computer – BAH OOH WA EH

5.  That time I pulled the bean bag out from under Brooke and the ambulance had to come (i still feel bad)

6.  The Dark Cyrstal, Twister, Land Before Time, Pride & Prejudice, A Knight’s Tale, and so many more

7.  That time we went to see the Lost World and the power in the theater shut off right as the T-Rex was attacking everyone, and a tornado nearly killed us and Aunt Sue ran across the parking lot in a lighting storm to save all our lives

8.  Late night frozen spaghetti from the big freezer in the garage (don’t go out there without the big black boots on) – and vanilla ice cream cones, and toaster strudels

9.  ROACHES – aka Aunt Sue’s reaction to roaches

10.  Men in Black video – I won’t say anything else about this

11.  Harriet the Spy re-enactments

12.  Spontaneously creating random arrangements of songs in 3 part harmony at any given moment – including in Dollar General

13.  Life-changing convos

14.  Knowing that we have each others backs

15.  Sisterhood.  Always.


I love you both so much and I’m incredibly grateful for both of you, each and every day. 



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  1. Hahahahaha! I laughed so long and hard at all of those jokes! And yes, we ARE all sisters. I love you and Mer so much!!!



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